Visiting the Ararat Library

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This term we are focusing on animals for our Discoveries. We are going to challenge ourselves by choosing one animal each to learn about. To help us with our research, we have been visiting the Ararat Library. We had a great time checking out different books and we have started learning some really interesting facts about our different animals.

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Swimming Program

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We have had a great time at our swimming lessons so far. Everyone is trying really hard and challenging themselves to try new things with their swimming teachers. We have been really pleased with how quickly and independently everyone is with getting themself changed and being responsible for their belongings. We would also like to say a big thank you to all of our adult helpers – you are great!


Science Fun – Experimenting with Amazing Detergent

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Today we had fun experimenting with detergent. We learnt that milk stay together as a liquid because of surface tension, but if you add detergent to it then it will separate it because it breaks the surface tension.

Here is a procedure for how to do the same experiment as us…

You will need – milk, 4 different colours of food dye, a saucer and detergent.

Step 1 – pour milk into saucer

Step 2 – add 1 drop of each food dye on the edge of the saucer

Step 3 – add 1 drop of detergent into the middle of the saucer

Step 4 – watch the reaction!

Here is the link if you wish to have a look for yourself…



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SCIENCE ~ Today the Preps talked about Metamaterials. We learnt they are man made. Scientists are experimenting with them, to create materials with special properties – like making things appear invisible. We made examples of different types of ‘molecules’ to see which shapes were stronger. We used jubes and toothpicks. We’d love to show you, but … we ate them! We discovered the shapes based on a triangle were stronger than those based on a square. The cube collapsed quite quickly, the other shape didn’t. The cube used 27 jubes and 36 toothpicks, while the triangular prism shape only used 24 jubes, and 36 toothpicks.

Click here for a link to a Metamaterials article about invisibility.

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Visiting Buzzy Bee World

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In Prep World we have started our new Discoveries focus in a new and challenging way. For the last two weeks we have visited the Buzzy Bee’s to start learning about the Olympics. We were split into four groups and each session we went to a different teacher to learn about the different sports, Australian athletes, what the olympic rings symbolise and interesting facts about Rio. It was very exciting pretending to be a Grade 1 student and challenging ourselves to do the same work as them.

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Gorrinn House Expo

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Yesterday we had our last visit to Gorrinn House and our Discoveries Expo. Everyone had a great morning together and we would like to say a big thank you to all of the families who were able to come along. Each member of Prep World has really enjoyed visiting our buddies each week and spending some special time with them. Some quotes from our Prep’s are…

‘We like going to the retirement village because the people are nice.’

‘We like looking at the older people’s faces because they are different to ours.’

‘We like our buddies hands because they are soft and warm.’

‘We like reading to our buddies at the retirement village.’

‘We like everything about the retirement village.’


On Monday we made different things. Like, there were two different cookies. One was with Miss Douglas and we put icing on it and lollies. The other was with pink sprinkles and I made mine into a star. We made chocolate crackles and pikelets. They were all for the expo. We made fairy bread too, and we got it eat it and it was really yum! – Zara

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Yesterday we had our expo at Gorrinn House. We read books with our buddies, we danced and we ate special food with our buddies. Some people had their families there to watch. My favourite thing was eating the special food we had made. – Blayde